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Performance Logistics offers an impressive track record of proven results for a variety of companies. Our executive team has been together a long time. You may already know us by the results we’ve achieved and the company we keep. Consider the following:

  • When a Fortune 100 food and beverage company approached our team to develop a new distribution strategy we took over their totally internalized distribution system that included transportation, warehousing, distribution, inside sales, outside sales, merchandising, vending machine installation & maintenance, money collection, banking, and return logistics. In doing so we cut their distribution costs and staffing in half and increased their market share by 12 per cent during the first year of implementation. Most of the market share we gained was lost by their main competitor.

  • When a Fortune 100 automotive manufacturer asked our team to provide rates and service factor for their Atlantic provinces after-market parts distribution we countered with a very radical idea. We offered a plan to shut down their warehousing and distribution centres in favour of shipping from Montreal. By re-engineering their supply chain we were able to provide all their dealers with next day delivery, increased their line fill rate from 62 per cent to 93 per cent and reduced overall distribution costs by 50 per cent. The company subsequently took our model and repeated it across the country.

  • A Fortune 100 electronics manufacturer recruited our team to reduce costs of their reverse logistics. Our solution was to assume full responsibility for their repair business in addition to operating their California-based warehousing facilities, overseeing over 700 employees in handling inbound product from Asia and outbound product to all of North America. The contract also included operation of an additional distribution centre in Puerto Rico.

  • Getting and maintaining a contract with the U.S. Dept. of Defense is no easy task but our team succeeded. While providing procurement and distribution services during peace time our assignment included managing parts inventories of defense facility installations in North America and Asia. Our services included sourcing of the supplier base, purchasing, inventory ownership, dynamic demand planning and order fulfillment.

  • Our team perfected just-in-time transportation and sequencing services for two Fortune 100 automotive manufacturers. With more than five thousand weekly truckloads scheduled to meet half hour delivery windows, we achieved a delivery record of 99 per cent.

  • In response to an outsourcing request to lower costs, our team won the contract to serve a large class eight truck manufacturer. In taking over operations of their drive chain assembly facility we were able to reduce labour expenses by 50 per cent and lowered transportation and warehousing costs by 25 per cent.

What is the distance between someone who achieves their goals consistently and those who spend their lives and careers merely following? The extra mile. Do more than required.”

Gary Ryan Blair

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