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What makes Performance Logistics different?

  • Experienced management/leadership within our industry segment
    Our four member executive shareholder/employee team has approximately 150 years of practical working experience and supply chain industry knowledge.
  • High integrity and reputation
    Performance Logistics takes pride in ensuring that our reputation remains impeccable. We “say what we do and do what we say”.
  • State of the art technology
    We have purchased one of the finest TMS software packages to manage our customers business. Our assets on the road have power units that are fully equipped with GPS.
  • Customs certifications
    Performance Logistics has FAST, C-TPAT, CSA, and PIP certifications.
  • Shared ownership with two mature companies
    Investors into our business include industry-leading mature companies that bring balance and the ability to provide additional fixed asset resources during peak periods.
  • Our target is a “perfect” on time delivery every time
    Our targeted delivery requirement is on time every time without any interruptions to our customer.
  • We provide solutions (design, implement, operate)
    Within our historical portfolio of business we have many industry-leading innovative initiatives that have provided our customers with double digit savings while significantly improving their quality and service levels.
  • We take initiative and are proactive in problem solving and communicating
    Our employees are empowered to make decisions and take action on a proactive basis. In many cases this ensures that a potential problem is resolved and avoided without customer involvement.
  • Personal involvement at all levels of management
    We are a “hands on,” “can do” organization. Everyone including the President does whatever is necessary to ensure that the “perfect delivery” is achieved on time every time.
  • Committed to sharing our vast experience
    As an organization, we are committed to helping — customers, suppliers, employees, competitors — offering our experience for collective mutual benefit.
  • Offering best practices from a range of industries and segments
    Our vast and deep industry experience covers many industry segments that facilitates sharing best practices typically not available within single industry segments.
  • LLP capability and real world, practical experience, objectivity and transparency
    Our absolute strength is implementing and operating at the highest service levels.
  • Consulting capabilities
    While we are not consultants, the focus of our core business is to help our customers make improvements within the supply chain. Our consulting work helps our customers identify solutions that reduce costs and improve service levels.

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