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Meet the Performance Logistics team of executives the A-team of logistics. Weve been working together for over a decade, providing innovative solutions that deliver outstanding results for clients and their customers.

Jim Davidson, President

Jim DavidsonJim Davidson is a solid team leader and driving force with over 45 years experience in transportation, distribution and logistics. He began his career in the automotive industry where, for seventeen years, he was involved in all aspects of supply chain management. Since 1983 hes been a senior executive with much time spent as President and CEO of one of the largest global providers of logistics services. Over the years Jim has lead numerous international ventures involving multi-national companies in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom. Jim has served as Executive Vice President of the ATA Council of Logistics. He earned his Professional Logistician (P.Log.) designation from the Logistics Institute where he has served as Institute Chairman for several years.

Leadership is defined by results not attributes.

Peter Drucker

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